Ewe's and Lambs for Sale

We have a selection of Charmoise Ewe's and lambs available throughout the year.

Rams for Sale

Our Ram stock has been popular with many first time buyers, now repeat customers.  A good few have made their way over the border to Ireland to the Ballymacan flock with Morgan and Mary Powers spreading the good word on the benefits of a Charmoise ram on crossbreed ewes. 

We have a selection of rams available throughout the year.  Tel 079 687 36612 for details of available stock.


As members of the Charmoise Sheep Society our Charmoise stock are registered on the pedigree data base. 

Our flock was blood tested on August 2020, 21, 22 and in 2023 and our genotype status is ARR/ARR.

With limited new bloodlines now coming from France we are fortunate that we have 2 separate pedigree Charmoise ram gene pools that we breed from, the BRAMAIN Flock FR536012 and the WINDYKNOWE Flock UK058417