About us

Both Davy and Judith are from farming backgrounds in their native Scotland, with Davy having been a killer in an abaitoir for fifteen years where he honed his eye in live weight & shape confirmation to select cattle & sheep to suit customer demands. Judith is a veterinarian and has worked in both large and small animal practices. We moved here to Northern Ireland in 1999 with Judith taking a position as a ministry vet, she's since been seconded to greenmount college where she teaches vet nurses. Both care for the sheep with Davy being the brawn.

About Glenshesk

We rent our grazing and keep a selection of cross and mule ewes for a commercial return. We have recently added to the flock with a batch of pure bred texel ewe lambs with the intention of tupping them with our CHARMOISE ram. We also recently purchased from Scotland a nucleus flock of pedigree CHARMOISE, in lamb ewes and a shearling Ram. There have been Charmoise rams sent to Ireland before, but we believe we are the first to stock both ewes & rams with the intention of breeding pedigree Charmoise sheep. Below is a picture gallery of Glenshesk, our Charmoise and some of the Texel ewe lambs for size comparison